System Benefits - Service without compromise

CWCT tested

We have certification CWCT test for ventilated rainscreen systems.

The system also achieved class E5 impact resistance soft and hard body to BS EN12600 and BS8200: 1985 App. G respectively.

Full system design service

Architectural Facades offer static calculations bespoke to your project. Along with detailed design drawings for carrier setting out and module tile positioning.

Interchangeable modules

We carry 4 stock module height tiles: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm. We can also offer any module height in increments of 1mm up to 250mm high.

Any length up to 6 metres

The rainscreen extrusions are cut to any length at our factory to a +/- 0.1mm in length up to 6 metres.

Bi-colour PPC system

We have patented a Bi-colour polyester powder coating process that allows a contrasting colour to be applied to the nib of the panel

Infinite colour combinations

With our extensive range of colours, finishes and textures, panel options are almost infinite. With the added advantage of our “choose your own finish” option, we have taken bespoke facades to the next level.

Natural Appearance Colours and Textures e.g Terracotta, Woodgrain

We have developed a range of elemental colours and finishes that mimic natural products. These include woodgrain, terracotta, zinc and granite to name but a few.

Easy to install

Due to its simplicity, the Arcus System saves time on site and no longer calls for specialist installers.

Cost effective

Again, due to the systems simplicity, we can offer cost savings when priced against other more expensive rainscreen systems currently in the market.

  • Full system design service
  • Interchangeable modules
  • Any length of tile up to 6 meters
  • Bi-colour PPC system
  • Infinite colour combinations
  • Natural colours and textures e.g. Terracotta, Woodgrain
  • Easy to install and Cost effective
  • CWCT Tested
Patent Pending 1012581.3 & 1015004.3